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Wetpaint - a clever wiki with great learning opportunities

By Murray Bourne, 10 Nov 2006

Wetpaint is a clever Web 2.0 application.

Users can create their own wikis (with their own unique URLs) and start building content. The editing tools are cool and the whole user experience is well thought out.

I have played with it a bit to see what Wetpaint can do.

They have added the ability to insert RSS feeds.

There are many potential uses of Wetpaint for learner-developed content. Students in a tutorial group could create a Wetpaint site for their course - and all be tasked with building up a set of resources and providing explanations of what is going on. By reviewing each others' writing and thinking about the edits made to their own writing, there could be a valuable learning outcome. Another use could be as a framework for a problem solving activity or a group project of some sort.

Wikis are not new, but I like Wetpaint for its conceptual design and I think it will be easier to convince educators to use it.

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