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This cheeses me off…

By Murray Bourne, 16 Jan 2006

My Interactive Mathematics site has a "Comments? Questions?" facility.

Some users ask a question, but do not leave an email address, so I cannot respond to them. In such cases, if it is a good question, I will include it (with answer) in the site in due course.

But sometimes users will ask a question and they include a legitimate looking email. I will spend time replying and then send the mail. But then it kicks back saying the user's email does not exist. Grrr... 🙁

I'm considering setting up a discussion forum instead. Would this be worthwhile?

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One Comment on “This cheeses me off…”

  1. Maria Cluett says:

    I'm not sure what it would be like exactly.... I'm a mother of two children and the help I ask for is to help them. I lost my husband last summer due to a brain tumour which left me under shock... I can't seem to concentrate much, hopefully it's just a passing phase, but in the meantime I wish my children continue doing well in school in spite of all the other problems. I'm telling you all this cos I really mean it when I say I appreciate your help.

    And I would do anything it takes to have this service but like i said i dont what exactly what a discussion forum would be like.

    Thanks a lot


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