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By Murray Bourne, 08 Oct 2006

I enjoyed the interesting collection of presentations from TED (Technology, Education and Design) at Presentation Zen: If your idea is worth spreading, then presentation matters. There are lessons for all educators here. Each presentation is less than 20 minutes - as all presentations should be (yes, I mean lectures, too).

Sir Ken Robinson has some good comments on education and creativity. He argues that we get educated out of creativity.

Marjora Carter was very powerful - and passionate - telling her story of the greening of the Bronx.

Hans Rosling presented statistics in an animated, entertaining and thought-provoking way (I wrote about this in Great Statistics - Gapminder).

David Pogue has great fun disparaging the complexity of Microsoft products.

And finally, there was a side of Al Gore that I had not seen before. He was funny in a self-depracating sort of way. I continue to wonder what state the world would have been in now if he had not been pipped (illegally?) at the polls in 2000. His message on the climate crisis was a thinly disguised plug for his movie An Inconvenient Truth, but that's fine by me.

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