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Math learning via a virtual world

By Murray Bourne, 29 Jul 2006

This is an interesting article from Purdue University Virtual Reality World Teaches Deaf Children Math Skills. They are using virtual reality to teach math to deaf chidren.

This is so true:

"Environments are more stimulating when students are able to interact with the subject and travel through the scenes," said Adamo-Villani, assistant professor of computer graphics. "Hands-on experiences equate to a better understanding of mathematical concepts in real- world situations."

But this is not only the case for deaf students. I think virtual reality has a lot of potential for learning - and it has been largely unrealised so far.

The following aims are once again relevant for all learners:

The virtual reality program is designed to provide early elementary school age students with disabilities with a number of active, individualized learning conditions:
- The ability to control their environment.
- The ability to engage in learning activities at their own pace.
- The ability to repeat activities as needed.
- The ability to see or feel items or processes in concrete terms.
- The ability to practice daily living tasks in a safe and barrier- free environment.
- Motivation to succeed.

It's a great concept for the deaf kids. But let's expand it for a much wider audience of learners.

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