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North Korea - future flashpoint

By Murray Bourne, 07 Feb 2006

Just finished seeing a BBC documentary on North Korea. Highlights:

  • Famine is still widespread.
  • The hatred shown to the US (Bush's "Axis of Evil" taunt did not help things)
  • The South continues to prop up the North because they don't want 22 million hungry and poor people streaming across the border if the North collapses.
  • There was an interview with one defector who used to be a security chief at a prison, saying that he got great pleasure from daily torture sessions and public killings of whole families & neighbourhoods if one of the political prisoners disobeyed some rule.
  • Prisoners are used in chemical and biological weapons experiments (the defector described this in great detail)
  • When the sun goes down that's it - it's dark. (The North Korean minders denied this but the camera crew went for a drive through cities which were in complete darkness. Satellite imagery showed this to be the case as well)

Very, very sad. And now they are making money selling off their missiles to other countries that hate the US. This could be a serious flashpoint.

Did you know that Australia is one of the few countries to have diplomatic ties with Nth Korea? Not sure whether that is a good thing or not...

This is entertaining - the 'official' North Korean website (in English).

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