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Jesus would certainly not drive an SUV

By Murray Bourne, 15 Oct 2006

I recently saw the 2005 documentary from the UK's Channel 4 called "What Would Jesus Drive?" [no longer available].

The title of the documentary is the question posed by an environmentally-inspired Evangelical Environmental Network:

The (EEN) is a network of organizations and individuals whose purpose is "to declare the Lordship of Christ over all creation." As a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization, EEN works to help Christians and others understand a biblical approach to caring for all of Christ's creation.

They explain further:

The purpose of the What Would Jesus Drive? educational campaign is to help Christians and others understand that transportation choices are moral choices, and to reflect upon the problems associated with transportation from a biblically orthodox, Christ-centered perspective.

The documentary talked about the over-reliance that the US has on gas guzzlers and showed some of the US advertising connecting the purchase of gasoline with the funding of terrorism.

The epitome of craziness for me was the Californian family that had 6 cars. It seemed to me that they had created their very own front-yard traffic jam.

And as for SUVs and HumVees - where is that coming from?


C'mon, US - can't you see that you have created so many of your own problems?

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