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By Murray Bourne, 25 Sep 2005

I just finished watching a brilliant Canadian movie, H20. It was intelligent, well-written, well-directed and very thought-provoking.

A conspiracy involves the son of a recently-assassinated Canadian prime minister. A group of businessmen attempts to change the political landscape of the whole of North America. The bargaining chip? Water.

Full of mystery and danger, the movie cleverly suggests a metaphor for the US with its controlled hysteria ("We are fighting a war against terror"), and blame for many things on the current scapegoat, the muslims.

I come from a country critically short of water (Australia). I live in a country (Singapore) that depends on a neighbouring country (Malaysia) for the bulk of its water needs. Neither situation is sustainable, especially as the population of both countries continues to increase (due to immigration in both cases).

As clean water becomes more and more scarce as the world becomes increasingly overpopulated, expect water to become a greater source of international tension.

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