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IntMath Newsletter: Rankbrain, Wallis, log-log and scalars

In this Newsletter:

1. Math in the news
2. Resource: Semilog and log-log page
3. Is a 1x1 matrix a scalar?
4. Math puzzles
5. Math movies: Comics that ask "what if?"
6. Final thought: Just do it!

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Is a 1×1 matrix a scalar?

Is a 1x1 matrix really a scalar?
A 1×1 matrix is often regarded as a scalar quantity, but is that correct? This article explores a reader's question.

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Wallis, pi and quantum theory

Wallis Product - new proof by quantum mechanics
A quite remarkable new proof of the 400 year-old Wallis Product approximation for π has recently been published. It arises from a study of the quantum mechanics of a hydrogen atom.

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