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The greatest (math) machine that never was

babbage analytic engine
Charles Babbage designed a mechanical, steam-powered "computer" in the 1830s. Here's the story.

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IntMath Newsletter: Math tools, puzzles, poem

In this Newsletter:

1. Resources - Sketchometry and FluidMath
2. Teaching math with music
3. IntMath polls
4. Math puzzles
5. Friday math movies
6. Final thought - learning to learn

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Sketchometry - geometry tool for tablets (and PCs)

rough triangle - Sketchometry
Sketchometry is an interesting new gesture-based geometry tool for tablets and PCs.

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Constrained data model - can you solve it?

data curveCan you fit a curve to given data with this constraint?

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Friday math movie: Two teachers learn math from Khan Academy

2 teachers learn from Khan Academy
Two math teachers mock as they watch a Khan Academy video.

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