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IntMath Newsletter - cookies, heartbeats and Fourier

In this Newsletter:

1. Cookie jars and tessellations
2. Your heartbeat and Fourier Series
3. IntMath Poll - Math and Real-world Problems
4. Latest IntMath Poll - Who are you?
5. Math Awareness Month April 2010
6. Latest from the Math Blog
7. Final thought – Commitment to excellence

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Math of ECGs: Fourier Series

This article explains how we can model the human heartbeat with a mathematical expression, using Fourier Series.

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Cookie jar math

kuih bangkit packagingHow can we neatly stack cookies into a circular jar? This mathematics is called "tessellations".

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Friday math movie - Pivot, by Gary Flake

PivotDrowning in data? Need a great way to view and interpret statistics? Check out Microsoft's Pivot.

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Lines of primes

primesPrime numbers seem to be randomly distributed — but perhaps there are patterns after all.

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Financial math - how Citibank overcharges

credit CardsCredit card debt needs to be paid sometime. See how people get into hot water with fees and outrageous interest rates.

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