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Tools for making a math website

A reader asked what tools I used to produce the Interactive Mathematics site.

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Friday Math Movie - Deep Brain Stimulation

deep brain stimulationHere's a guy who is actually a cyborg - his normal functioning depends on the computer implanted in his shoulder.

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inflationInflation is a concern all over the world right now, but some countries are experiencing uncontrolled hyperinflation. What does hyperinflation mean and what does it look like?

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Google calculator - handy, but not always correct

Google's handy calculator doesn't always get it right, even with simple subtraction.

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Avaaz - an online global solution to global problems now has over 3 million people on board the "people-powered global movement". Their latest report on their of global online campaigns is quite impressive.

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Friday math Movie - Math Rock and Fibonacci

Math rock involving Fibonacci sequenceThere are 2 movies this week. The first explains what math rock is all about and the second is a math rock song that involves the Fibonacci sequence.

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Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Randy Pausch delivers an inspiring lecture on the story of his Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Randy knew that he only had months to live when he delivered this lecture.

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The IntMath Newsletter - 10 Aug 2008

In this Newsletter:

1. Finding Square Roots - without a calculator
2. The Story of Rene Descartes
3. From the math blog
4. Math Study Tip - Time

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Changing people’s lives - with math

I received a delightful mail today from a lady who lives on an isolated island off Europe. She finds Interactive Mathematics a really valuable resource for teaching her daughter mathematics and for escaping the poverty trap.

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Friday Math Movie - Stressed Out

detecting structural weakness earlyThere have been some high profile building and bridge collapses. Can we predict such disasters and fix the structures before there is a tragedy?

Math to the rescue.

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