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Am I cheating if I use my calculator?

In this day and age, shouldn't we reward the student who uses the most appropriate tool to get the job done quickest and most accurately?

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Google Trends - math is on the way down

Google Trends shows search trends and the relative interest for search terms in different cities, countries and languages. It is a very interesting tool.

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The math of car ownership in Singapore

Car ownership costs are very high in Singapore - and I think it is a good thing.

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Online banking usability

I recently got a companion card for The Wife. It is linked to my main OCBC (Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation) credit card. I have my card set up so that it is paid automatically in full each month through GIRO (a system allowing for electronic interbank payments to various billing companies like utilities, traffic fines […]

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Compressed air cars

There are 2 very promising inventions that use compressed air as the energy source. The first, from France, drives a piston engine (which does not require any ignition of a carbon-base fuel). The second, which seems more promising, is from Australia and it drives a light (13kg) and simple rotary engine. The compressed air is […]

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State of War

The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration James Risen, ©2005 To better understand how the Bush adminstration got itself into such a mess in the Middle East, this book is a must-read. Almost every page contains yet another extraordinary scandal. To me, one of the biggest scandals is the way Bush and […]

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Gold - future insurance?

I have been following the rapid increase in the cost of gold for some time now. It has more than doubled since 2001.

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My brush with Rontokbro virus

We have 2 computers, used mostly by my progeny and me. Progeny (aka multitasking millennial) called me to say that her computer was slow and she couldn’t do anything on it. Fine, I said, I’ll look at it when I get home. The PC was clearly sick, with a process (sass.exe) hogging the CPU and […]

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