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Digital Fortress

Dan Brown's 1998 effort, "Digital Fortress" was a fun read. The publishers make a big deal of his new-found fame via "The Da Vinci Code", with the following emblazoned prominently on the cover: #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Da Vinci Code . That's okay, but clearly his skills have improved since the […]

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There was an interesting talk by Yee Jenn Jong who is CEO of ASKnLearn, a dotcom that actually survived the crash and is now doing quite well. Yee used to be an NUS (National University of Singapore) lecturer. ASKnLearn are into LMS (learning management systems), e-learning content and IT training services. Audience observations: His warm-up […]

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Men are from Caves

"Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" by John Gray was an amusing, if somewhat repetitive read. His take is that men by nature are solitary, problem solving creatures, while women are great communicators who would rather talk at length about problems rather than going straight for a solution. Certainly I could relate to […]

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What price safety? United flight 811 out of Honolulu on 24 Feb 1989 lost a cargo door while on climb through 22000'. This caused a large rip in the side of the aircraft and 9 passengers died. The National Geographic doco on the incident was scathing in its attack on the US NTSB (National Transportation […]

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The Day After When…?

Tomorrow is finally the official start of the Kyoto Protocol - that agreement among selected countries to reduce greenhouse gases that was actually discussed in 1997. But the US and Australia, the biggest polluters in their respective hemispheres, refuse to have anything to do with it. And Kiribati, a small island in the South Pacific […]

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Are You Planning for Your Retirement?

When we are very busy at work, we have little energy or time left at the end of each day to get our finances in order. Then the day arrives when we start thinking about how to fund our retirement. I wish someone had sat me down when I was young and helped me on […]

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Yin & Yang - square circles

Image: Based on "Yin and Yang" fractal. An interesting example of 'square circles': a fractal version of the Yin and Yang symbol... Be the first to comment below.

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Flickr’s “squared circle” group

Flickr, that clever photo gallery site, has an interesting section entitled "squared circles" with some great photos that appealed to me (of course!). I'll make a contribution one of these days... Flickr is a great site, since you can upload photos there for free and then write your blogger entry from within Flickr. Very convenient! […]

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