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Netscape style rendering error

By Murray Bourne, 12 Aug 2006

Oops - seems like Netscape v7.2's and v8's style rendering is a bit off - and the error shows up on their portal.

On the right of their homepage, the divs containing orange <h2> headings are floating left (even though the class is "clearfix") and there is a blue <h3> tag "News" that messes up:

It should look like this:
Netscape right

["Clearfix" is a hack to make sure absolutely positioned block elements that contain floated elements will break where you want them to. I use it a lot on my Interactive Mathematics site.]

Firefox, Opera 7 and 8, Netscape 7 and 8 and even IE7 all render it properly. Pretty embarrassing since it shows up on Netscape's own homepage.

So Netscape, you should fix your rendering engine!

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