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Google Maps - Singapore restricted zones

By Murray Bourne, 13 Apr 2007

I was looking for an address in Singapore's, and was surprised to see many portions of the satellite view were hidden by a message that says:


Their maps are supplied by Google.

But this is strange because over at Google Maps, there are no such restrictions and you can see the whole island.

Significance? This is a Mindef (Ministry of Defence) facility. The Singapore government has put a lid on showing those areas, but you can see those areas so easily elsewhere. Seems to me like a rather ineffective way to hide - in fact, it draws attention to those places.

Footnote: I modified this post (by removing some images before publishing) after reading a blog post on the same issue (not longer available) where the authors of write:

With regards to why the images are blocked on Yes, thats the requirement from our local authorities here.

Google is not a Singapore based company but we are. So we have to play by the rules even though it does seems funny and weird.

I suggest that u guys dont publish anything that have sensitive information. Law is law 🙂

And that, folks, is how self-censorship works in Singapore.

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