Strange lights over Singapore

[07 Jan 2007]

We were having dinner down near Sentosa Island at an al fresco restaurant tonight, and we saw the strangest green lights streaking across the sky. It was just after 8:00pm, and the lights were traveling south, over the eastern part of Singapore.

At first I thought it was a military jet since it was going very fast. The light it was giving off was a neon-like light green, and the strangest thing was that no noise accompanied it. It was difficult to ascertain the altitude, but it went behind some clouds after a while and my (very rough) estimate for altitude would be 8 to 10,000 feet.

I expect that it was just a comet, but it was very strange, since the outline was roughly an aircraft-like delta shape.

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10 Comments on “Strange lights over Singapore”

  1. preetam says:

    yes, i saw it too and saw some parts of it break apart and fall down

  2. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Singapore: Strange Green Lights in the Sky says:

    [...] squareCircleZ and several other Singaporeans spot strange green lights over Singapore. squareCirclez writes “The light it was giving off was a neon-like light green, and the strangest thing was that no noise accompanied it.” Preetam Rai [...]

  3. Murray says:

    Thanks, Jimmy for the time correction.

    A bungled weapon launch – coming from the north? Hmmm… that raises a lot of interesting possibilities.

    But it was probably a meteorite.

  4. jimmy mun says:

    The time was closer to 7.40pm, but I agree it was on the east side of the island travelling south. (Some said it travelled east to west, which I believe is totally wrong.) I also agree that it was obscured by clouds from time to time, so it was pretty high up, and given the height, it was definitely travelling faster than a commercial jetliner, and much closer to a supersonic military jet, without the sonic boom.

    I disagree about the delta shape part though. It looked more like a round ball to me, and like what Preetam said, with parts falling off.

    Now that you brought up the military, I am beginning to believe that it could be a bungled weapon launch.

  5. osix says:

    while doing a search this came up ..
    seem like some years ago in 2002 something similar had happen

    here what i quote

    ” An unusual green fireball appeared over the island nation of Singapore on the night of Friday, March 29, 2002.

    Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain, a self-described “aircraft spotter,” was driving west on the East Coast Parkway from Changi International Airport to downtown Singapore at 9 p.m. Then, as he looked to his left out the window, he saw an unusual green light approaching from the south.

    “I wish to share my experience,” Muhammad reported, “On March 29, 2002, I was travelling on the ECP to my home from Changi after my aircraft sighting activities. I saw something streak past in the night sky above my head.”

    “At first I thought the flying object was an RSAF (Royal Singapore Air Force–J.T.) aircraft undertaking night training. Upon closer look, it looked like a streaking meteorite, but it was green in colour. I was shocked when I spotted the flying object. The flying object eventually plummeted into the sea off the East Coast beach. I am still not sure what the flying object was. It was truly an unidentified flying object.” (Email Form Report) ”

    it had been quote from this site

  6. Lee S C says:

    Based on the article in the Economist Jan 20 2007, what we saw was probably Comet McNaught. This comet was first spotted by Robert McNaught in August 7 2006.

    B Lee

  7. Murray says:

    Thanks, Lee, but I don’t think it was Comet McNaught. According to the picture on (search for Jan 7 2007), that comet was nothing more than a bright dot – too far out to be the lights we saw.

  8. cuz I can? says:

    or you might be interested in some science.. mind you this is not algore scientificalness behind manmadeglobalwarming, but the other science that embraces logic as opposed to consensus:

  9. Sonny says:

    I’m canadian close to Montreal. A few years ago i was on the road around 9 p.m.
    I saw on my far left, a fast green light past over the trees fast. It seems to be a fireworks but there’s no house around!?
    Maybe a meteorite or military plane or some!!??

    Probably nothing in common but maybe more than we thought!!!!

  10. lee says:

    Its the laser lights from the show “sounds of the sea” at sentosa island. do a you tube search.

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