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Best SAT Math Books - Ace the Math Section!

By Kathleen Cantor, 02 Dec 2021

There are more things to worry about than choosing where to go to college. You also need to consider whether they choose you.

School systems have made mechanisms to assess whether someone is ready for college. They usually come in the form of a standardized test, which most of the time is the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT.

SAT is one proof that Math is not only for nerds. It is for everybody to learn. A lot of students may fear that their Math skills will not be enough so it's a good thing we have prep programs.

Enrolling through prep programs might be a great option but money and time may make them difficult. There is a chance that you cannot afford the costs of these programs.

Top 5 SAT Prep Books for Math

If you only want to focus on your Math skills and have control of your time and budget, there are books that can help you. We have a list of the best books that can help you raise your SAT score in Math.

1) The Official SAT Study Guide

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To make the SAT more transparent and equal, test makers authored this book. That makes this book the best representation of the real test. 

If you are aiming to be well-prepared as possible, this book is the best practice material. It also includes an overview of the test structure and format. Similarities in the question structure of this book will familiarize you with SAT.

While this book provides the most accurate practice test questions, the explanations are not that detailed. There is very limited information on the approach to the right answer for every question.

This book is also available for free through College Board’s website. You can choose to print out the downloadable pdfs or buy this book.

2) The SAT Math For Beginners

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From its name, SAT Math for Beginners is for everyone. It is for students of any level with its comprehensive content. The lessons and practice tests are simple and easy to learn. With its alignment to the real thing, you can assess your own readiness.

The contents of this book cover all SAT math topics and are 100% aligned with them. These topics come in an organized structure which makes it manageable. It includes SAT math practice exercises with answers. The skill-building exercises train test-takers to deal with unfamiliar questions.

It has its latest update that assures test-takers with any improvements. This book is a top choice with its contents and strategies for SAT Math.

3) New SAT Math Problems

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The New SAT Math Problems provides a broad content review and instruction. It focuses on the emphasis of the areas in SAT Math section.

This book will solve your difficulty in a topic for its content organization. The concepts and practice questions are arranged according to the difficulty level. It allows test takers to apply skills and ensures mastery.

The New SAT Math Problems also includes a content structure that encourages students. This enables them to assess themselves and focus on their difficulty. It also teaches how to approach similar questions through detailed explanations.

The only downside of this book is its broad concepts. Its emphasis is on learning how to answer questions. The set of practice problems might also be limited.

4) The PWN the SAT: Math Guide

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If you are trying to achieve a high score for your SAT Math, the PWN the SAT is the best option for you. This book provides an engaging content structure that will keep you focused.

The content is aligned with SAT in five categories. These are broken down into component concepts. The practice problems instruct whether to use a calculator or not. It prepares students for the two sections of the tests strategically. Each question drills on a skill that students can improve in.

What makes this book competitive are its video explanations accessible online. These videos present step-by-step answers that you follow through. There is also bonus material that you can get upon registration. 

The PWN the SAT presents a high advantage for top scorers. While it may be good for students with strong math skills, it might not be the best to raise your low score.

5) The Dr. Jang's SAT* 800 Math Workbook

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If you want a book that is loaded with math practice problems, the Dr. Jang’s Math Workbook is all you need. This book has enough discussion of topics and concepts but its power lies in its over 1500 questions. It is efficient for your preparation of timing, answering, and analyzing.

The arrangement of the problems depends on the difficulty level. Students can challenge themselves by moving forward to the harder ones. It also includes a diagnostic test and 10 samples tests designed like SAT.

Questions are also labeled whether the use of calculator is allowed or not. It is written 100% aligned with the rules of SAT.

This book however might not be the one for you if you’re trying to improve your approach to questions. It might not be helpful if you need a thorough content review.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of prep books for SAT Math. Among these, we have chosen the Official SAT Study Guide and the SAT Math For Beginners since it has a wide range of audiences and topics. The Official SAT Study Guide not only includes discussions on Math but also other coverage. The SAT Math For Beginners is a balance of questions and discussions useful for any level.


We need to remember that everyone has a different learning style. A particular book might be useful for others but not for you. Our set of recommendations have somehow helped SAT takers to improve their scores. While there is a possibility that it might also work with you, you still need to know that there are other factors.









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  1. Karishma says:

    Hey i was looking for digital SAT books. I only found digital sat books by vibrant publishers. could you review them?

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