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Katrina’s message to Bush: sign Kyoto

The worst hurricane in US history has left a mess in southern US states. Very few scientists are now denying that global warming is happening - the jury is still out on exactly what is causing it. But surely we should be doing all we can to prevent it - and the world's greatest polluter […]

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Online testing - ya gotta be kidding

This article about online testing in Oregon has holes in it that you could drive through: "Online testing helped raise scores" [Unfortunately, the article no longer exists.]. At least the article has... State officials attribute the gains in part to the use of a home-grown, web-based testing service When will people realise that: Education is […]

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Equation Writer - at last!

Update (Jun 2013): See my reviews of related products, MS Math 3.0 and MS Math 4.0. Finally a math handwriting recognition software! For years I have been wondering why it is that you can input Chinese characters using a digital pen and it converts it to 'nice' electronic characters, but you can't do the same […]

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Whisper sweet math in my ear…

Came across this software just now: MathTalk. It combines Dragon Naturally Speaking and Scientific Notebook so that you can create mathematics on SNB using your voice. It also allows a braille translation. Their demos look surprisingly like my math video efforts with SNB. Be the first to comment below.

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It’s fun to hate math

This is part of an ad for an investment company: A lot of people hate mathematics - and this kind of advertisement helps to perpetuate that hate When mathematics is taught in a much more practical, applied and hands-on manner, and when we let computers (or calculators) do more of the tedious algebra, then we […]

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Prius - Beginning of the End?

I would love to see a world which is not so dependent on oil. The Toyota Prius is a very interesting possibility for the end of such nonsense. I had the pleasure of driving the Prius a few times recently. It has an electric motor (which doubles as a generator when the car is slowing […]

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