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Send an email containing math symbols and equations! (Beta)

Use this page to easily create math that can be sent in an email.

UPDATE: Mails sent from this system were tagged with "Be careful with this message" warnings in most email systems (rightly so), because the sender's domain (yours) was different to IntMath's domain.

You can still produce math images for an email, but you need to copy-paste them to your own email system.


The display on the right updates when you press the <Enter> key on your keyboard, and it shows the resulting math. You can change my sample mail to whatever you want.

When entering math, remember to surround it with the backtick symbol (`), NOT the apostrophe ().

See how to type math (syntax for ASCIIMath. Opens in a new window.)

Important: You may get an error on the following "Preview" page:

"Latex failed, probably due to an error in your expression."

If so, try using more brackets around the key parts of your expressions. For example, try (x/y) rather than x/y.

Note 1: This math for emails system is in beta. Please forgive any strangeness and let me know if you have trouble.

Note 2: This system supports ASCIIMath and simple LaTeX input.

Note 3: You can't use any HTML tags, like <b> or <a href=...>, sorry. They will be stripped out.

Note 4: You can't use any Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters. The formula will look OK below, but when you go to create images (the next step), it will fail because this system doesn't have ctex, which is necessary to render such characters. Sorry about that.

Enter your message here:

How your mail will look:

(converts math to images, ready to paste in an email)

Further Information

See a more extensive list of ASCIIMath syntax for those special symbols you're looking for.

Enter math in emails, forums and Web pages using ASCIIMath.

MathJax - render math on the Web on all browsers (this page originally used MathJax)

Comparison of jsMath ASCIIMathML, PHPMathPublisher, MathJax and MathTeX


Thank you to:

  • Peter Jipsen of Chapman University for ASCIIMathML ("Easily produce good-looking math formulas on webpages using a simple calculator-style syntax")
  • The team who created KaTEX


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