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ASCIIMath input, KaTeX output

This page demonstrates easy math input (via ASCIIMath) and "beautiful math in any browser" output using KaTeX. ("ASCII" just means ordinary keyboard characters & AsciiMath is a math input system using calculator-like syntax.)


This is a "sandbox" where you can try out math entry.

You can enter your math in the box on the left (there are some examples there for you to follow), and the resulting math will appear on the right.

When entering math, remember to surround it with the backtick symbol (`), NOT the apostrophe (). (On phones, you can usually find the backtick by holding down the apostrophe () key and the backtick will appear. OR you can use "q​q" as the delimiter, as shown below. It's easier to type.)

Waiting for KaTex to process...

Enter math and text here
(using ASCIIMath)

Output appears here
(via KaTeX)

ASCIIMath syntax examples

Try some of the following in the box above (you can copy-paste). Remember, surround the math with backticks (`), not single quotes (), and press the <Enter> key to see the math on the right.

ASCIIMath syntax Description
x^2+y_1+z_12^34 Subscripts and superscripts
d/dxf(x)=lim_(h->0)(f(x+h)-f(x))/h Fractions and limits
f(x)=sum_(n=0)^oo(f^((n))(a))/(n!)(x-a)^n Summation
int_0^1f(x)dx Integration
[[a,b],[c,d]]((n),(k)) Matrices
x/x={(1,if x!=0),(text{undefined},if x=0):} Piecewise defined functions
sqrt sqrt root3x Nested square roots
hat(ab) bar(xy) ulA vec v dotx ddot y Accents (hats and bars)
stackrel"def"= or \stackrel{\Delta}{=}" "("or ":=) Stacking

[Table based on: Peter Jipsen's source]

See a more extensive list of ASCIIMath syntax for those special symbols you're looking for.

What can you do with this?

I use the above for writing and editing math documents. It is considerably faster than using images, or LaTeX. Once I have my document using ASCIIMath, I can just copy it to my HTML page.

This would be an excellent system for a math discussion board, or for working on collaborative math documents.

It's also a very easy way to publish math documents on the Web (which can also be saved in MS Word format, if you must). Easy input, and nice math output on all browsers, even Internet Explorer!

Communicating math on the Web should not be a huge chore!

Further Information

Enter math in emails, forums and Web pages using ASCIIMath, which leads to: Send an email containing math.

MathJax - render math on the Web on all browsers

Comparison of jsMath ASCIIMath, PHPMathPublisher, MathJax and MathTeX


Thank you to the following people:

  • Peter Jipsen of Chapman University for ASCIIMath ("Easily produce good-looking math formulas on webpages using a simple calculator-style syntax")
  • The team who created MathJax ("Beautiful math in all browsers") and who incorporated ASCIIMath (this page originally used MathJax)

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