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This page directs you to some of the information to help you do things here on IntMath.

Looking for help with math?

The best place to ask your math homework question is on the IntMath Forum:

In order to help you most effectively, you need to show your working so we can see best where you are getting stuck.

You can ask questions on any of the math covered by the scope of IntMath. The forum headings give you the best indication of what that scope is.

IntMath Blog (SquareCirclez)

The IntMath blog has a broad range of articles on learning math, how to solve certain problems in math, and using technology in math.

IntMath Newsletter

There's a semi-regular newsletter that contains a collection of new items on IntMath, Math in the News, math movies and the like. See:

You can sign up for the newsletter on any (inner) page of IntMath.

Pages in this Help section

Problem Solver

AI Math Calculator Reviews

This tool combines the power of mathematical computation engine that excels at solving mathematical formulas with the power of GPT large language models to parse and generate natural language. This creates math problem solver thats more accurate than ChatGPT, more flexible than a calculator, and faster answers than a human tutor. Learn More.

Tips, tricks, lessons, and tutoring to help reduce test anxiety and move to the top of the class.