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Spending on Education - significant math

It is interesting to compare the spending on education and defence for various countries. Japan spends 7.5 times more on education than on its defence.

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Tokyo Blues: Jazz and Blues in Japan

I enjoyed the short film "Tokyo Blues", about the popularity of jazz music in Japan. The film was made by my friend Craig McTurk. Craig lived in Japan while making the movie in the late 1990s. The movie traces the development of jazz through its introduction from the US in the 1920s (when Tokyo and […]

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Hosting problems - avoid GlobeDomain

My first foray into commercially hosted websites was when I started to move my Interactive Mathematics site off our institution's server about 18 months ago. I took the recommendation of a colleague and bought space on's servers. At first, things went well. The support (by a couple of Indian guys) was excellent and they […]

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Your HDD is dying - have you backed up?

After all the hassle and wasted time of viruses on 2 computers, I sat down to catch up on a mountain of jobs. I turned on the computer and "pphht" - accompanied by a burning smell. Uh oh - not good. After some elimination, I realised it was the Maxtor HDD. It was still under […]

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25th April is the day that Australians and New Zealanders commemorate a military loss - the debacle of the First World War battle at Gallipoli. The ANZACs (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) were doing what they often have to do - fight other people's wars in other people's countries. On 25th April 1915, the […]

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