5. Graphs Using a Computer Algebra System

3D graph of z=4x^3+y^3

The graph of z = 4x3 + y3

We now have many tools which can help us to do mathematics.

All of your mathematics subjects require you to draw graphs. It is good to do lots of practise. Another way is to get some useful tools.

Once you start using a Computer Algebra System you will find that it changes your whole view on mathematics. It takes a lot of the tedium out of algebra and frees up time to think about what you are doing.

Some of the many commercial CASs available:

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Open Source Computer Algebra Systems

For those of you on a tight budget (aren't we all?), here's a free open source computer algebra system SageMath.

Graphics Calculators

Graphics calculators have become quite sophisticated, but usually have small screens with poor resolution, making it difficult to see details in the graph. However, they are certainly better than nothing!


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