Online Graphing Calculator: Plot your own SVG Math Graphs

You can plot 2 functions, function 1 (in blue) and function 2 (in green).

Edit your functions and then click the "Graph it" button below. To remove a graph, leave its text box blank.

(If you can't see the graph below, try this alternative graph plotter).

Function 1: Function 2:

Min x-value: Max x-value: Grid interval (along x-axis):

Min y-value: Max y-value: Grid interval (along y-axis):

Graph width (pixels, max 700): Graph height (pixels, max 700):

Equal scaling along x- and y-axes.

(You can resize the graph by dragging the handle in the bottom right corner, or the right or bottom edges.)

Some graphs to try

The graphing calculator will accept any of the following functions (use the notation shown):

In fact, you can use most of the javascript math functions, including

You can also use any combinations of the above, like "ln(abs(x))" (without the quotation marks, of course).

You can just have one graph if you want - just leave one of the "function" boxes empty.

More Information

The above illustration is an example of vector graphics - images that are made using vectors.

The graph is not an image (that is it's not a .GIF or .JPG). It is a scalable vector graphics text file which is being rendered by your browser as a picture.

Credit to the developers of ASCIISVG, particularly Peter Jipsen, Chapman University.

See also the article: Math graphs on the Web without images

For more information about vectors, see:

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