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I have used Scientific Notebook (SNB) quite a deal on this site, especially in the "Advanced Calculus" sections. (For example, see Differential Equations).

You will need SNB on your PC to view and interact with these files. (I have also put HTML versions of each file in case you don't have SNB).

SNB is software that incorporates the MuPAD mathematics engine and a Latex-based word processor. It has awesome power for doing mathematics and for producing text- and math-based documents.

You can get a free trial 30 day download of SNB from here:

Download Scientific Notebook (MS Windows only).

Learning Computer Algrebra Skills

It's very important that students learn how to use math software packages. In the "real world", scientists and engineers use packages like MatLab, MathCAD, Maple, Mathematica and Sage to calculate answers to complex problems.

Our students should not only learn basic math skills, but also how to use math software to do more complex analysis.


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