Note that μ = 1 millionth, or 10-6.

`V_C =1/Cinti\ dt`

`=1/(500xx10^-6)int110\ cos 377t\ dt`

`=220000/377sin 377t+K`

`=583.6\ sin 377t+K`

When `t = 0`, `V_C= 0`, so `K = 0`.

So we have:

VC = 583.6 sin 377t

Now, using cos(ab) = cos a cos b + sin a sin b, we have:

`cos(377t-pi/2) =cos 377t\ cos (pi/2)+` `sin 377t\ sin (pi/2)`

`=sin 377t `

This shows that `583.6 sin 377t` and `110 cos 377t` are `90^"o"=pi/2` out of phase.

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