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Why Study Vectors?

You use vectors in almost every activity you do. A vector is a quantity that has size and direction. The fancy word for size is "magnitude".

Examples of everyday activities that involve vectors include:

  • Breathing (your diaphragm muscles exert a force that has a magnitude and direction)
  • Walking (you walk at a velocity of around 6 km/h in the direction of the bathroom)
  • Going to school (the bus has a length of about 20 m and is headed towards your school)
  • Lunch (the displacement from your class room to the canteen is about 40 m in a northerly direction)

Each vector quantity has a magnitude and a direction.

In this Chapter

We start slow and easy by talking about simple vectors:

Next, we move on to 2-dimensional vectors

Next up is the interesting 3-D stuff:

To round out this chapter, we talk about

So let's start with Vector Concepts and Notation.

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