We solve as before, and then use the given information to find the value of the unknown K.

Separating variables:





Integrating gives:



[For the integral involving `y`, we put `u = 6 - 2y` giving `du = - 2\ dy`. This means we'll replace `dy` with `(-1/2)du` and integrate `(1/u)du` giving `ln\ u`.]

Now, when `x = 0`, `y = 1`; so we have:



So, on substituting this back into our previous equation and doing some algebra, we obtain:


`(-1)/2[ln|6-2y|-ln 4]=x`

`ln (6-2y)/4=-2x`

Taking "`e` to both sides":




Checking our solution: `(dy)/(dx)=4e^(-2x)`and so





Also, when `x = 0`, `y = 3 - 2e^0= 1`.

So the particular solution is given by: `y = 3 - 2e^(-2x)`

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