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Inverse trigonometric function graph animations


On the previous page, 7. The Inverse Trigonometric Functions, we learned that the graph of an inverse trigonometric function is the reflection of the original curve in the line y = x.

The animations below demonstrate this better than words can.

Things to do

You can choose any or all of the functions that we came across in the previous page, and view the original function, and what it looks like when reflected:

  1. y = cos x and its inverse, y = arccos x
  2. y = sin x and its inverse, y = arcsin x
  3. y = tan x and its inverse, y = arctan x
  4. y = sec x and its inverse, y = arcsec x
  5. y = csc x and its inverse, y = arccsc x
  6. y = cot x and its inverse, y = arccot x
  7. y = cot x and its inverse, y = arccot x (2)

The last one, y = arccot x, is listed twice because there are two possible interpretations of this graph, as we learned here. Also, don't miss the article on this, Which is the correct graph of arccot x?

NOTE: The word "inverse" here does not mean "reciprocal".

The graph animations

Choose function:

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