a. This is just one step on the calculator.

sin 49° = 0.7547

b. This question is also just one step on calculator, since it is in decimal degree form.

cos 27.53° = 0.8868

c. For this next one, you need to make sure that you know how to enter an angle in DMS form (degrees - minutes - seconds).

tan 26°35'57" = 0.5007

d. You do not have a "csc" button on your calculator, so you need to do this in 2 steps. Find the `sine` of `18.34°` first, then press the "`1/x`" button (or "x-1" button) to find the reciprocal.

csc 18.34° = 3.1781

e. Likewise with this one, you need to find cos 5°34'72" first, then press the "`1/x`" button.

sec 5°34'72" = 1.0048

f. Similar to numbers 4) and 5), you need to find tan 73° first, then press the "`1/x`" button.

cot 73° = 0.3057