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World Population - Live Update

In the following interactive, you can choose different years and see the population and growth rates for that year, and see how the population was growing (or will grow) on a typical day in that year.

Choose year:



Number of new people:


Most of the assumptions for the above interactive are contained in the excellent source:

U.S Census Bureau

Of course, the population figures you see in the above interactive are best-guess estimates.

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Rapid Urbanization

Cities with more than 1 million people as at 1996.
Cities with more than 1 million inhabitants, as at 1996 [Image source]

Why "UTC time"?

UTC is the new name for what used to be called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). It is the time in London (where 0 degrees longitude is located) during winter. In summer, London's time is one hour different to UTC time.

Why "CE" and not "AD"?

CE stands for "Common Era" and is commonly used these days instead of the more culturally specific "AD".

Interesting Fact...

The total population of the world in 1 AD was about the same as the population of the US today!

Concluding Remarks

There are around 1 billion people suffering from malnutrition in the world today.

We cannot continue to abuse the world like our forefathers did. They got away with it because of the smaller population, but we will not get away with it!

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