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  • Fraction algebra [Solved!]
    The following question was asked on a sample test: `3/((x+2b)(x-b))` ` + 2/((3b-x)(x+2b))` `...
  • Lowest common denominator [Solved!]
    I'm having a very difficult time trying to figure out what my lowest comman denominator...
  • Equivalent Fractions [Solved!]
    HELP 6x^2+13x-5/6x^3-2x^2 divide (3x-1) to denominator and numerator please show me how to solve this
  • Factoring [Solved!]
    Your mathematics site is absolutely brilliant and so easy to navigate through your "sitemap". Hidden...
  • Equivalent fractions question [Solved!]
    Is your answer to exercise 4 on Equivalent Fractions correct? If you multiply by minus...


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