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Math Ball

Math Ball

Math Ball is a physics based math game to keep your algebra skills sharp. It's designed to be simple to play (one finger or mouse only) but challenge your math, aiming and multitasking skills.


The objective of the game is to solve math problems within the allotted time, and at the same time control a sliding and bouncing physics ball to avoid the balls with incorrect answers and hit the ball with the correct answer.

Math Ball Game Play Pt1
Math Ball Game Play Pt2

Game Play

Hitting the wrong ball will cost you precious time. It will also cause the ball to get angry, red, and grow in size. The ball will stay and harass you until you solve all math problems and finish the level. Hitting the correct ball will reward precious time and clear all remaining balls (except the red balls of course). Moving through the levels the game becomes more difficult with harder math problems, moving and rotating obstacles and more balls bouncing around at each math problem. The math problems are mostly dynamic, but fixed at times. This means if you re-play a level you could get different math problem. For example, you could get 3+2 the first time and 2+4 next time. Same goes for the balls, the number/answer each ball represents is generated dynamically.


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