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Page by Murray Bourne, Last updated: 17 Aug 2021

Embed a Desmos graph in your own page

Follow these 3 steps to quickly embed a Desmos graph in your own web page.

Getting Started

The Desmos graphing calculator is a powerful online calculator with numerous functions to help you graph out slopes, parabolas, logarithmic spirals, and much more.

The calculator is fairly simple to use and if you've used a handheld graphing calculator before you should be able to quickly jump in. However, if you find yourself struggling, there are plenty of helpful video walkthroughs available on youtube.

Step 1

Create your graph in Desmos.

Step 2

Save your Desmos graph and copy its URL (address).

Step 3

Embed your graph using the following code in your page (insert the URL to your own Desmos graph):


You should get something like the following:


Once you've mastered embedding graphs and need a distraction from your math homework, take a minute to play around with the grapher. You might find you can use it to create something fun...

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