squareCircleZ to host Carnival of Mathematics on 2 Nov 2007

By Murray Bourne, 21 Oct 2007

Carnival of Mathematics

Update: The Carnival is live! Check it out at: The Carnival of Mathematics (#20)

Yep, the Carnival of Mathematics will be hosted right here at squareCircleZ on 2nd November. Send your submissions to:

admin [at] intmath [dot] com

According to the Blog Carnival site, the Carnival of Mathematics is about:

Everything math-related goes in here: proofs, explanations of basic concepts, puzzles, writings about math education, mathematical anecdotes, refutations of bad math, applications of math, reviews of popular math... Note that sufficiently mathematized portions of other disciplines, especially physics and computer science, are acceptable.

Two weeks ago (6th Oct), the Carnival was hosted at Jonathan's JD2718 blog and it contained a mammoth 52 entries!

The most recent one is at Mark CC's Good Math, Bad Math entitled: Carnival of Math: The Spam Edition.

See you here on the 2nd.

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