Lorenzo Aureli and farazhasan_59 - are you out there?

By Murray Bourne, 25 Feb 2007

I get quite a few questions via the "Comments" section of my Interactive Mathematics site.

But it is very common that users put the wrong return email address and after I spend some time replying to their question, I get a returned email error "Permanent error - recipient does not exist" or similar.

Please, if you want a response, leave a valid email address.

Now I know why it is that you get an automated message from many companies saying something inane like

"Thank you for your comment, we will get back to you shortly."

What they are really doing is seeing if it is worthwhile spending time replying to you (by making sure there is no email error message). I'm going to start doing the same.

Anyway, Lorenzo Aureli from Costa Rica and farazhasan_59 from Pakistan, send your comments again with a real email address and I can answer you.

Update: I now send a confirmation mail when the request comes in to tell if the reader has supplied a real email address. This way I am not answering questions that just get lost in the ether.

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