Nuvvo learning management system

By Murray Bourne, 19 Jan 2006

Nuvvo used to be a paid service but has recently become a free offering.

Update (Dec 2013): Seems Nuvvo no longer exists.

You can create e-learning courses and enroll students (Nuvvo takes 8% of the course fee - fair enough, probably, since they host and support the service).

Things I like better than Blackboard (the LMS that I know best):

  • Each item (like content, quizzes, etc) has a "blog" at the bottom of the page where students can discuss the item. This is better than going elsewhere in the learning management system to find a discussion relevant to that topic or item.
  • Clean look and feel

Things I don't like:

  • It's surprisingly tricky to navigate. Links are not always obvious (they look like headings or vice-versa) and colours used add to this confusion (I watched as a colleague tried to navigate - he had similar problems)
  • It feels like the model used is the "tell-em, test-em" model of e-learning (it includes T/F, multiple choice and short essay quizzes). But because of the blog on each page, this could be overcome.

Overall, an interesting concept. I may use it for Interactive Mathematics down the track.

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