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Rate this exchange… Who really solved it?

Me Posted on 14 May 2005 10:08 PM Last night I uploaded newer files via FTP for IntMath and they appeared correctly in the FTP program as having been uploaded. But there was no change to the files when requesting them with a browser. I then used File Manager in cPanel with some success - […]

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The Digital Future is Now?

The Digital Future 2004 (no longer available) from University of Southern California is an interesting read. It gives an overview of current trends in the development of the Internet. A brief summary: [Comments in square brackets are mine] Internet usage continues to rise and displace television watching [the Internet requires some brain use, TV does […]

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Math Wars

In her book "Math Wars, A Guide for Parents and Teachers", Carmen Latterell desribes the 'math wars' as the struggle between an ever-swinging pendulum. On one hand, you have the "back to basics" crowd who want to drill mathematical facts and techniques into every student, and on the other you have the "new math" crowd […]

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