Starhub site confusion

By Murray Bourne, 09 Aug 2006

Is it just me, or does anyone else find difficulty doing anything on Starhub’s site?

Just now I wanted to topup my wife’s pre-paid mobile phone.

So irritating. This is what I wrote to them just now:

This page is confusing: mobile/greenprepaid/prepaidcard.html (no longer available)
Scrolling down to read how to topup via internet banking, it tells me to:
# Visit
# Go to “How To Top-up” section and select “Green Hubber Top-up Plan, Internet top-up and eNets VCard”
# Scroll to section 3 of the page

But I am already on that page and I have already scrolled to that section. But in that section it does not have a link to start topping up. Around I go again trying to find the link, then I stumble on it at the top of the page:

"Via DBS/POSB ATMs | Via SingPost SAMs | Via AXS Stations | Via Internet Banking Account"

Each link should be under the heading for each section on that page. It needs redesigning.

I’ll let you know how they respond.

[Update Aug 2009: they never did respond. Why bother giving them feedback?]

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