Safari for Windows

By Murray Bourne, 12 Jun 2007

I just downloaded the beta of Safari for Windows.

It is very Mac-like (in the same manner as iTunes), including the scroll bars, the title bar and of course, the overall look and feel:



Overall, I liked playing with it. I haven't come across any sites that are broken (except Microsoft's, but what do you expect...)

It claims "blazing performance" and I have to say, it is quite good.

I like Snapback, which takes you back to a previous search window, even if you have moved on to other sites and gone down several levels.

I also like the Find (a word on the page) feature. You have a better idea where you are up to when tabbing through the results, compared to Firefox where you get to the end of a long page and then it jumps back to the first instance of the word, but unless you take note of the scroll bar position and/or the "you have reached the end of the page" message, you miss it.

The way it handles RSS is also smooth. You just click on the button: image  and see a simple rendering of the feed. From there you can bookmark it and the number of new posts shows up on the bookmark tab (the "Add bookmark" link under "Actions" did not work, however.) The RSS implementation is similar to Firefox's.


Apple have gone for the fuzzy font look, just as Micro$oft did with IE7. I don't like it, as it has the same effect as wearing someone else's super-strong glasses - it pull my eyes out. So I'll get rid of that soon, like I did with IE7.

An irritation I've always had with Safari is that when you want to type a new URL into the address bar, you can't highlight the whole address by clicking on it, like in Windows browsers. (Yeh, I know you click on the blue ball (globe) next to the URL, image, but that's not very intuitive.)

I have had several Safari popup windows open where the bottom 3 cm of the window is off the screen - not good.


But apart from those minor gripes, I like what I see and I will continue to use Safari for a while - and pretend I have a Mac...

See the 4 Comments below.

4 Comments on “Safari for Windows”

  1. Steven says:

    Safari is full of security holes and is Steve Jobs' attempt to take over the woirld, apparently.

    Do yourself a favor and try Avant browser. It's being downloaded more than Firefox, Safari or IE7 from

  2. Li-sa says:

    The *fuzzy font* is called ClearType, in comparison to the one we usually use when typing documents, TrueType.
    For your information:

  3. Murray says:

    Thanks for the link, Li-sa. Yes, I needed to learn about this when IE7 forced my whole operating system to used ClearType, which gave me an instant headache.

    "With ClearType font technology, the words on your computer screen look almost as sharp and clear as those printed on a piece of paper."

    Nope, that's not my experience.

    Don't get me wrong - I like anti-aliasing in diagrams, but trying to read a screen full of font fuzzies all day is not for me.

    As long as we have the option to easily turn it off, then it's fine by me. (This was not the case with IE7 and the whole OS, it was quite troublesome. With Safari, it was quite easy.)

  4. Murray says:

    Thanks for the Avanti suggestion, Steven. I tried it and quite like it. I'll keep playing with it and report on it later.

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