Photo gallery - finally finished

By Murray Bourne, 04 Jun 2006

I have been working on a Flash-based photo gallery for this site for a few months now. Finally it's done and I'm happy how it has turned out.

Update (Jun 2011): Unfortunately, something changed in Flash and the gallery is now broken. One day I'll update it to a jQuery-based solution.


  • The back end uses Coppermine photo gallery's MySQL database which comes as a freebie with most Linux/PHP/MySQL Web hosting. I don;t like Coppermine's interface so I decided to write my own
  • A PHP-based album chooser calls another PHP file that has an embedded Flash file
  • The Flash file calls a third PHP file which queries the MySQL database
  • The Flash file then displays the photos for the chosen gallery, using clickable thumbnails
  • The user sees a 533x400 normal image and can also click to see the full-sized image (usually 1000x750)
  • The user returns to the first PHP album chooser file in the same login state as they started (for viewing restricted galleries)
  • Of course, it is XHTML and CSS standards compliant and works in the majority of browsers, if not all. No tables were used - it's all DIVs

For the background and more technical details, see the original post on this: Flash-based photo gallery

See the 1 Comment below.

One Comment on “Photo gallery - finally finished”

  1. P N says:

    Do you this in TLC? Want to learn.

    If you don't mind, have linked to your site from my blog.



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