Oops - it all happened at once…

By Murray Bourne, 07 Nov 2005

It's been a weekend of computer issues...

I changed some of the navigation for this blog and was in the process of testing and fixing broken links, when...

  • My sick hard drive in my PC became very unstable - time to replace
  • Due to some glitch, my SquareCircleZ account ran out - so it went offline (meaning this blog and the Search function for Interactive Mathematics stopped working)
  • The Web server got some PHP glitch, so lots of things stopped working properly.
  • I got a new HDD for the PC, replaced it and reformatted it with the supplied recovery CDs, but it refuses to recognise other drives, so I can't copy old data over yet
  • The blog feed to Interactive Mathematics stopped working and kicked serious (Fatal) errors.

Sigh... Mostly all fixed now. Let me know if you spot any other problems. Sorry if any of this caused any angst for you.

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