MSN Search likes me…

By Murray Bourne, 07 Oct 2005

[Update: For the first 6 months of a domain's existence, Google keeps it in a "sandbox", while figuring out if they want to include it in their search results (computers do it, not people). So the following relates to the early days of the domain.

As at Aug 2009, is #1 in Google for the term "interactive mathematics".]

The majority of search engine traffic to squareCircleZ and Interactive Mathematics comes from MSN Search. A key reason for this is that the search engines regard longevity as important. I first started "Interactive Mathematics" at in 1997 and it scores high in Google and Yahoo. Since MSN Search is new, it does not put as much weight on longevity.


1. For the search term interactive mathematics (not in quotation marks), the results today are:

  • MSN Search (4th position)
  • Google (61st position, although my original site [no longer available] is in 7th position)
  • Yahoo (more than 200th position, but my older 2 sites that now point to the new URL are in 13th and 14th positions)

2. For the term "interactive mathematics" (in quotation marks), MSN shows 3rd place, Google 50th, & Yahoo more than 200th.

3. For the term 'review "The Game of School" ':

  • MSN 1st place,
  • Yahoo 8th place,
  • Google more than 100th

4. For the term laplace transformations,

  • MSN: 2nd place
  • Google: 15th place
  • Yahoo: more than 100th

So thanks, Bill - your search engine is driving plenty of searches to my site.

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