IE7: standards-compliant or what?

By Murray Bourne, 31 Aug 2005

I noticed some hits to my site from Internet Explorer 7, which is now in "beta 1" release.

According to the IE team leader's blog, IE7 will try to address the more serious standards issues.

(If you don't know what I am talking about, Internet Explorer does not conform to many of the browser standards. This means that when I am developing web pages I need to do it for 2 sets of browsers - "IE" and "the rest". It is irritating, time-consuming and all-round unconscionable.)

But as I have said before, even if Micro$oft do get it right, it will be quite some time before the majority of users download and install IE7. So the situation will not improve anytime soon.

Latest stats on browsers visiting my mathematics site, Interactive Mathematics:
MSIE: 87.5% (including 5% still using IE5)
Mozilla: 7.3%
Firefox: 5.9%

If you are not already using it, do yourself a favour and download Firefox. It is a far superior browser.

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