IE7 beta - I hate it

By Murray Bourne, 06 Feb 2006

I took the plunge and downloaded IE7 from Micro$oft just now.

It installed okay and now I am looking at several sites to see how it goes.

But it is SO SLOW! The corporate site on the server at my work (which is normally lightning fast since it is metres away and within a firewall), took just under 20 seconds to load.

Then to see how it handles CSS-compliant sites (like my own), I went to Interactive Mathematics and it did not play well at all. This screenshot is part of the left menu. The <div> with white background is too narrow, and this incorrect right border behaviour happens all over the place.

IE7 screenshot

Also, the menu (shown in the screenshot) works, but it is extremely slow. The rollover effect does not work.

Oh, and I don't like the (supposedly) easy to read tweak to the font (I mean the fuzzy edges).

Surprisingly, LiveMath worked okay (but slow).

IE7 doesn't know what to do with Flash objects when the Flash player is not installed yet (no message to say "You need Flash" - just nothing.) I went to Macromedia site and tried to install Flash into it - it did not install. Hmm.

It has tabbed browsing which looks like a Firefox ripoff (okay, to be fair, tabbed browsing has been around for some time on Netscape and Opera). Big deal.

IE7 is supposed to deliver RSS feeds, but none of the ones I tried (my own feed on this blog, CNN or BBC) worked at all. In fact, it keeps throwing an "unspecified" Javascript error on several sites (like BBC), but there is no such problem with Firefox.

Am I impressed? Not at all. I'll be winding back to IE6, if it lets me, tomorrow (for those irritating times when I absolutely have to use IE6).

Update 1: File associations When clicking on a link to a PDF, IE7 beta just choked (error message saying it could not open the file). With a link to a PPT file, it asked if I wanted to open it with PPT, then choked when I said yes.

Update 2: I like the zoom feature (you can zoom the whole page from 10% to a few hundred percent). But Opera has had this for some time. Big deal, again.

Update 3: I couldn't stand it any more. Windows Explorer stopped working altogether (it just hung when trying to look for anything). So I removed IE7 beta and now everything is back to normal. C'mon, Bill, you're going to have to do much better than this to beat Firefox.

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