I still hate spyware

By Murray Bourne, 04 Nov 2005

Some months ago I wrote about the agonies of cleaning spyware off my daughter's computer.

Not long after, the dreaded lop.com 'miraculously' appeared again. I finally found some time to do something about it today.

Last time, the lop.com site (actually, m2media.com) provided a cleaning tool (after claiming falsely that you could 'easily remove the lop toolbar using Add/Remove Programs...'). I couldn't find the tool on their site any more, so I...

  • tried Spybot Search and Destroy (no joy),
  • downloaded Trend Micro Antispyware (it found plenty of suspect cookies, but failed to find lop.com)
  • downloaded SpySweeper. This one found lop.com (gave it 'high red alert' status) and removed it - but destroyed itself in the process (gave a 'application has corrupted' message then froze).

Anyway, the good news is that...

  • all the unwanted search toolbars are gone,
  • all the hijacked browser home pages are back to normal (lop gives you advertising pages instead of what you have chosen as a homepage) - including in Firefox (before it only affected IE)
  • All the annoying advertising popups are gone
  • all the unwanted bookmarked gambling and adult sites are gone

Until next time, at least.

My advice: Don't download MSNPlus - that is where this lop rubbish comes from.

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