Firefox rules, OK?

By Murray Bourne, 30 Nov 2005

I was stunned recently when a friend flatly refused to use Firefox. I was stunned because she is a Web developer, and because I thought she would have been more open to a vastly improved browser - one that makes surfing a much more pleasurable activity and one that makes Web development much easier.

Why do I prefer Firefox over that dreadful other browser (IE)?

  • Tabbed browsing is very convenient
  • Font size changes (for easier reading) are much more flexible and convenient
  • As a developer, having standards-compliance is very important (I have wasted hours and hours applying hacks to get IE to work properly - and it should not have been necessary in the first place. In FF, things work as they should, most of the time). To get an idea of some of the issues - and the hatred for IE in the developer community, you only need to read over some of the developer forums.
  • There are some excellent FF enhancements available for developers. "Web Developer Toolbar" is brilliant since it lets me check for HTML and CSS errors, change page colours, disable images, get page information easily from the toolbar. (I read that MS is going to introduce a similar tool in IE7. Big deal.)
  • No spyware and adware (but this is starting to appear recently)

Footnote: IE's popularity continues to drop. For example, it is below 80% in my Interactive Mathematics site, and only around 50% of the visitors to this blog. Woohoo!

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