- no, it isn’t religious…

By Murray Bourne, 03 Nov 2008

This Singapore domain name caught my eye recently: christ dot com dot sg (no longer available)

Was this a new religious group setting up in Singapore?

No, it turns out that Christ Water Technologies, a water purification company, recently established operations here.

What do they sell?

Christ offers their customers a continuous concept: starting with project identification, covering production, up to and including commissioning, training, customer services and operation.

They are right when they say:

2000 years ago, 200 to 300 million inhabitants of Earth could utilise the available resources. Today, more than 6 billion persons have to make do with almost the same amount of water. This means that the raw material water, which was for a long time freely available in many parts of the world, is now seriously stressed. Furthermore, the natural cleaning systems of our planet are considerably overloaded.

Like many countries, Singapore has inadequate water supplies and has invested big in NEWater (recycling waste water) and desalination.

Lack of clean water will be a huge issue world-wide, going forward. Maybe we'll need some divine help, after all.

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